Sue Miller – Cuban Flute Improviser, Writer & Academic

Charanga del Norte

The Band


The band has two teams  – one based in the north and the other in London in order to cover the UK and increase band availability.

Sue Miller – flute, coros, composer, arranger, musical director

Guillermo Monroy  – vocals

Ruth Bitelli  – bass

Andy Warner – güiro

Kim Burton, Helen Curtis and Hannah Bates – piano

Dave Pattman and Matty Shallcross – timbales

Jack McCarthy/Raz Jayasuriya – congas

Nick Williams – violin

Jon Lindh – violin

Sally Nunn – violin

Angela Antui Agyei-  violin

Andy Wardale – cello

Other valued members of the team include:

Vicki Beere (guest trombone), Paul Baxter – bass,  Nickolai Rodriguez and Pete Williams (congas), Guillermo Davis – Cuban dancer-animator-collaborator