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Charanga del Norte


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“Charanga del Norte” (Charanga from the North) was set up in 1998 by the bandleader Sue Miller who studied Cuban flute improvisation with the legendary Richard Egües from Orquesta Aragón. The band consists of flute, violins, viola, cello, bass, piano, singers, timbales, congas and güiro. They have toured the UK and performed at many venues including the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester and at festivals as diverse as Harrogate, Sidmouth, Cheltenham and Trowbridge. After releasing Ay Mama! their debut album in 1999, they recorded the  EPs Don’t Panic, Libelula and A Caballo,  their live album Sapo Guapo and a compilation The Best of Charanaga del Norte. In 2008 they released their 10th anniversary album Our Mam in Havana which received a four star review in the September issue of Rock ‘n Reel’ magazine (you can see this review on the press and publicity page). In 2010 they released their next album Look Back in Charanga followed by Atilana in 2015 and Charanga Time in 2017. The animation short Charanga Time was released by El Iyawo productions in 2017. A new album Pachanga Time was released in 2020 and has received a 4* review in Songlines Magazine.

The idea for Charanga del Norte evolved from the bandleader Sue Miller’s research and study in Havana with veteran Cuban musicians from Orquesta Aragón and the Buena Vista music scene. Charanga del Norte is the UK’s only full Charanga orquesta and they play ‘Latin music, but not as you may know it –  deliciously different and incredibly danceable’ (The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen).   ‘You’ll dance to this with two left feet and a bag on your head!’ (Brampton Live festival)

Guillermo Davis and Sue Miller. Barbican Festival Paradise Gardens 2009

Guillermo Davis and Sue Miller. Barbican Festival at Paradise Gardens 2009

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