Sue Miller – Cuban Flute Improviser, Writer & Academic

Charanga del Norte



CHARANGA DEL NORTE,  Charanga Time, 2017

CHARANGA DEL NORTE,   Atilana, 2015

CHARANGA DEL NORTE,  Look Back in Charanga, 2010

CHARANGA DEL NORTE,  Our Mam in Havana  (CDN00CD09, 2008)

SUE MILLER AND HER CHARANGA DEL NORTE, Look Back in Charanga (CDN00CD10, 2010)

Previous Charanga del Norte recordings have been used on the following commercial compilations:

The Essential Guide to Salsa (Union Square Records, 2005 and re-issued 2012 ) ESGCD303

Everybody Salsa Volume 1 (Avid Records, BMG, 1998)  AVC 636

Everybody Salsa Volume 2 (Avid Records, BMG, 1999)  AVC 677

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