Sue Miller – Cuban Flute Improviser, Writer & Academic

2009 BFE Student PrizeDecember 9th, 2009

Thieving magpie (Small)

Taken from the Ethnomusicology Forum Website September news:

2009 BFE Student Prize

The winner of the 2009 prize for the best student paper presented at the 2009 annual conference at Liverpool John Moores University goes to Sue Miller for her paper, “‘The Thieving Magpie’: Musical Borrowing, Quotes and Signifiers in Cuban Charanga Improvisation”. The panel thought this was highly original work, demonstrating an expert knowledge of the subject matter, using superb examples chosen with a performer’s as well as an audience perspective, pertinent and persuasive use of relevant theory woven into the narrative, and tightly timed presentation. Many congratulations!

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