Sue Miller – Cuban Flute Improviser, Writer & Academic

British Academy Project Mentors Nestor Torres and Eddy ZervigónMay 11th, 2020

Consultant producer, Latin Grammy award winning musician and producer Nestor Torres ( has been involved as consultant adviser in these British Academy funded recording experiments.


In the first of several conversations between Nestor Torres and Sue Miller discuss the project overall, how to capture liveness, Latin music performance values, Nestor’s formative years in New York’s charanga scene and the history of the music’s production:


Similarly New York-based Cuban flute improviser and bandleader of Orquesta Broadway, Eddy Zervigón, has collaborated with us remotely using Ivan Zervigón’s Miami studio for some of the recording work.

In this project performer and researcher perspectives are combined with industry specialists’ and leading performers’ expertise to enable a more holistic narrative on Latin performance aesthetics and Latin music production history to emerge.