Sue Miller – Cuban Flute Improviser, Writer & Academic

My PhD at the University of LeedsOctober 2nd, 2009

Richard Egues and Sue Miller

Richard Egues and Sue Miller

I am currently undertaking a PhD part-time at the University of Leeds, UK, where I combine my practical work as a performer with more traditional research methods. In addition to a written thesis my work  involves recording in the studio and live at concerts,  where analysis, commentary and transcription of flute improvisations link in to this practical side. My research therefore  covers various academic areas such as music analysis, improvisation, ethnomusicology and performance.

My thesis title is ‘Flute Improvisation in Cuban Charanga performance, with a specific focus on the work of Richard Egües and Orquesta Aragón.’

I am supervised at the University of Leeds  School of Music by  Dr Luke Windsor (Psychology of Music and Performance)  Dr Luke Windsor

You can view the School of Music postgraduate students’ blog at this site: Music Postgraduates Blog

Gladys and Richard Egues with Sue Miller in April 2001

Gladys and Richard Egües with Sue Miller in April 2001