Sue Miller – Cuban Flute Improviser, Writer & Academic

Press QuotesNovember 7th, 2010

Charanga del Norte 005 (Small)

You’ll dance to this with two left feet and a bag on your head!
Brampton Live

Charanga del Norte is now taking the music one step beyond — top-notch music from one of England’s leading Latin combos and the only 100 percent genuine charanga and pachanga band in the land.They are making some fine music that stands up shoulder-to-shoulder proudly with the best charanga musicians still around today, like Orquesta Aragon. They also write their own quality original material which displays a deep and clear understanding of the music and gives a perfect rendition of this distinctive and historically important Cuban style. The creative juices are certainly flowing freely here.

Dave Hucker The Beat 2006

Sue and Yudnara flute and guiro (Small)

Susana tus inspiraciones son muy buenas – pareces una cubana inspirando!
Susan your solos are great – just like a Cuban improviser!”

Policarpo (Polo) Tamayo, flute player Buena Vista Social Club

Latin music, but not as you may know it, this band are deliciously different and incredibly danceable
The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

Sue Miller’s fluent flute featured strongly on Orquesta Aragon’s Bodeguero.
Steve Millward Manchester Evening News, The Bridgewater Hall review

Guillermo y Susan (Small)

Superb UK-based salsa and charanga band
Songlines magazine

Inviting supporting acts to perform with legendary Cuban artists involved in the Buena Vista Social Club project is no easy matter, finding an outfit in the UK that can hold its own with a well informed audience makes the task all the more difficult…. Bridgewater Hall has a reputation for authentic, first class music and Charanga make the grade.
The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

Tan Guille and band (Small)