Sue Miller – Cuban Flute Improviser, Writer & Academic

Next Leeds Gig Charanga del Norte Thursday 13 MayApril 28th, 2010

Next Leeds gig:
Thursday 13 May 2010 Seven Arts Centre, 31(a) Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton LS7 3PD

Sue and Yudnara flute and guiro (Small)

We launch our new CD ‘Look Back in Charanga’ at this gig, performing music from both our recent albums ‘Our Mam in Havana’ and ‘Look Back in Charanga’ and  also featuring a number for flute and dance solo where Guillermo matches his steps to my  flute inspiraciones…

Look-Back-In-Charanaga-Web (Small)

Line-up for this gig is:

Sue Miller – flute and coro, Nick Williams – viola, Simon Siddol – piano, Rosie Hayes – bass, Jon Lindh, Sharleen Samuels and Alinka Greasley – violins, Andy Wardale – cello, Y Josephine, Martha Julian and Ana Muñoz – vocals, Y Josephine – güiro, Matty Shallcross – timbales, Jack McCarthy – congas and Guillermo ‘El Iyawo’ Davis – band dancer

The venue is relatively small (150 capacity) so book your tickets now to ensure a place: tickets are on sale at Jumbo Records in the Merrion Centre, from the bar at Seven or online at the Jumbo website  Jumbo Records website

For more info on the gig visit the venue website:

Seven Jazz

Martha Ana Guillermo y Susan (Small)

‘Nearly a decade or so ago, I saw this outfit playing in the town square in Bolton, Lancashire. They really impressed me with their retro Cuban sounds, led by a front-line of massed violins (okay, then; four) and flute, laced with
delicate but adept improvisations, and sounding totally authentic. Things change, and so do bands, of course. Charanga Del Norte celebrates its tenth anniversary this year —and it’s even better. Leader and flautist Sue Miller has studied with and learned from several of Cuba’s top traditional charanga players, and it is evident in her playing; she handles the vocals too, with a sultry, breathy style that certainly suits the sound.’

Norman Darwen

Rock ‘n Reel magazine