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Charanga del Norte

Dancers-and-singers (Small)

Charanga del Norte are a 14-piece Charanga band based in the UK – we play Charanga típica styles of Cuban dance music such as Mambo, Chachachá, Danzón and Pachanga as well as Son and Son Montuno. My inspiration for the band came from Orquesta Aragón and Israel ‘Cachao’ Lopez and the story of the band can be found on the history page. You can hear the band on mp3 on the recordings page and also see the band in action via the video clips on the Charanga del Norte video page. Reviews and photos of the band are here to give  promoters the information they need for their publicity brochures and websites. Plus there’s always more up-to-date information via regularly added posts on this site – just click on the charanga del norte tag or subscribe to the rss feed.

If you would like to book the band do feel free to contact me via the details given on the contacts page. I’m busy with other projects for the rest of 2012 but the band will be available for bookings in 2013. We are particularly interested in festival bookings and specific artistic projects and collaborations.

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